Rechargeable LED signal light 500 lumens

Rechargeable LED signal light 500 lumens with COB red LED and COB green LED – NEW

Model: WK100



New rechargeable LED signal light USB with 500 lumens of power. A flashlight with sliding filters and an aluminium housing and all functions can be activated with just one hand.

The flashlight’s built-on lithium battery is recharged via mini USB (adapter 230V as an optional).

3 different mounting options: strong magnet, clip or hook.
Technical specifications:

Light output: 500 lumens

LED: TG2 3535 LED + COB red LED + COB green LED

Power supply: Lithium Polymer 803450 3.7V 1500 mAh rechargeable USB

Charger: mini USB (adapter 230V as an optional)

Charging time: 3 h

Operation time:

100% – 2 h 30

30% – 6 h

LED red/ green 100% – 7 h 30

LED red/ green flashing – 15 h

Light distance: 150 m

IP code: IP65

Size: 10,7 cm x 4,7 cm

Weight: 109 gr