Water Tester Aquatester

One touch and know how pure is the water

Model: Mod. WK033


The AquaTester measures the purity of water providing the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) values in ppm unit. It does not recommend any value as the best for drinking water or other uses (ask your doctor for drinking water or a professional staff for other uses)

1. Taste/Health High TDS results in undesirable taste which could be salty, bitter, or metallic. It could also indicate the presence of toxic minerals. The EPA’s rescommended maximum of TDS in water is 500mg/L (500ppm).
2. Filter performance Test your water to make sure the reverse osmosis or other type of water filter or water purification system has a high rejection rate and know when to change your filter (or membrane) cartridges.
3. Hardness High TDS indicates Hard water, which causes scale buildup in pipes and valves, inhibiting performance.
4. Aquariums/Aquaculture A constant level of minerals is necessary for aquatic life. The water in an aquarium or tank should have the same levels of TDS and pH as the fish and reef’s original habitat.
5. Hydroponics TDS is the best measurement of the nutrient concentration in a hydroponic solution.
6. Pools and Spas TDS levels must be monitored to prevent maintenance problems.
7. Commercial/Industrial High TDS levels could impede the functions of certain applications.
8. Colloidal Silver Water TDS levels must be controlled prior to making colloidal silver.

One touch operation for testing tap water, filter, ground, bottle and mineral water.
Quality of water (pure water) is shown in facial displays.
Pocket size, waterproof, power saver, easy to carry on.
TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) is ppm unit.

For more information about TDS, click here.


Technical specifications

Dimension: 8.1*4.9*2.3 (L*W*H cm)
Weight: net 58g
Range: 0-999 ppm
Five different facial displays
Power saving mode enabled after 25 seconds
Includes life time batteries AAA*2

Testing range Accuracy Resolution
0-100 ±3% 1ppm
101-200 ±10% 10ppm
201-500 ±15% 10 ppm
501-999 ±30% 10 ppm